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Sugar daddies: sweet and sour?

nov 4, 2015
Recently I was noted by a friend of mine on an episode of Dr. Phil, in which a sugar baby, as it is called, fully explains about the gifts she receives from rich old men with whom she dates; so called sugar daddies. Why would you as a lady consider going on dates facilitated by a high escort agency if you can just get gifts that easy? Sounds too good to be true? Yes it is...
Lately I'm surprised about the number of ladies that do a casting with me and say they have had one or more sugar daddies. Approached on the street or in a bar and just grown a relationship, or specifically made a profile on a sugar daddy website. And yet they are in my office making an effort to become an Upclass lady. Why, you would ask? Why dating through an agency that is legal, pay taxes and have the agency also have a part of the earnings for their efforts? Safety, interaction, excitement, being part of something bigger, extra earnings on top of sugar daddy system? Yes, all those reasons. But most importantly: they are tired of their sugar daddy claiming them so much. It all comes too close; the frequency of contacting, the intensity, the expectations to 'compensate' for your gifts, and so on. They say it seemed non-committal and innocent to receive a Chanel hand bag for going out to dinner with someone, but next came the drawbacks. And another suprise came for most of them; keeping in touch costs a tremendous amount of time. Apping, texting, calling, mailing and the dating itself... By the way, most ladies don't realize that they are actually doing undeclared work, despite they receive a 'gift': from a stuffed closed and a hundred pair of shoes you can't buy a house... On top of that it is easy to lose control, especially when there is nobody between you and the other person to intermediate and represent your interests such as your privacy, boundaries, preferences. Sugar daddies in general are used to getting what they want and some of them can be very vigorous in that respect, as what I've heared from some of the ladies.
For gentlemen there actually is the same most important reason to book via a professional escort agency instead of financially supporting a sugar baby along the way, ir subscribing to a sugar daddy website.. When I listen to my customers the common thread is that most of them like to have the most fantastic date possible, with the least amount of unneccessary time and effort, and that they like to be advised in their choice. Besides, they are aware of the quality of the Upclass ladies, contrary to the real lady behind a profile that anybody can make on a dating site. Fake profiles and so called 'catfish'- manoeuvres (scammers who try to receive money by using other peoples identities) are things the gentlemen don't have to worry about when using a high quality escort agency such as Upclass.
An Upclass lady or a sugar baby?
Rather be an uncommitted lady who's in the driving seat, is compensated exceptionelly well, and has everything arranged well without having to look behind her back or worrying about her boundaries?
Or lead a seemingly luxurious life based on dependance, where you worry about how close everything gets, what the other person expects from you, and how time consuming everything related to the dating itself is?
Whatever you choose to go for and get your excitement from, always think and reconsider what is best for you and what feels best.

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    Koppel, Utrecht, NL

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    Adam, London, UK

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